Single Stage Polishing

This is a single stage gloss enhancement, we strip the car back to its bare paint via decontamination methods to then enhance the gloss and add protection lasting between 6 – 12 months dependant on mileage and maintenance. You will see around the 70-80% reduction in Scratches and defects with this package.

Prices starting from £150

*A deposit will be taken for this service. This is usually 30% of the total service cost and is non refundable unless a 48 hour cancellation notice is given.

What's included?

  • Pre-detail Inspection is carried out taking note of any damage found on the car prior to us undertaking any work. 
  • Pre-detail rinse to remove loose dirt.
  • A full Citrus Pre-wash of the car, removing dirt without physically touching the vehicle.
  • Intricate details on the car are agitated with soft brushes to ensure no dirt is missed during the wash stage.
  • Wheels washed front and back using a PH Neutral wheel cleaner and soft brushes, safe for any finish.
  • Wheel arches washed & decontaminated.
  • Vehicle washed using a microfibre wash mitt and 2 buckets (One for rinse, one for wash to avoid putting dirt back on the car that could inflict swirls).
  • Paintwork and wheels dab-dried with plush microfibre drying towels.
  • Bonded iron contaminants removed from paint using De-ionizer.
  • Bonded tar contaminants removed using tar remover.
  • Clay bar is then used as a final decontamination step.
  • Multi stage gloss enhancement via machine polishing is undertaken.
  • Paint is wiped down to remove oils  and residue of polish.
  • Carnauba hard wax applied to paint, offering up to and beyond 12 months of protection.
  • Wheel sealant applied to wheels, giving added protection against brake dust and other contaminants.
  • Glass sealant applied to protect glass.
  • Plastics and rubber sealed to avoid fading.
  • Tyre dressing applied giving a natural, satin or gloss finish depending on your preference.
  • Final wipe down using a gloss-enhancing detailing spray.