Winter Car Protection Package

Keeping your vehicle looking it’s best can be hard and tiring, but protecting it’s surface can reduce the need for cleaning so often and protects from harmful contaminants such as iron and tar, which can eventually lead to dull and very rough looking paintwork.

Not only will a protected vehicle be visibly cleaner for longer, it will be easy to clean the entire car in a shorter amount of time, giving it back that ‘Glossy’ look.

Prices starting from £125

What's included?

• Pre-detail Inspection is carried out taking note of any damage found on the car prior to us undertaking any work.
• Pre-detail rinse to remove loose dirt.
• A full Citrus Pre-wash of the car, removing dirt without physically touching the vehicle.
• Intricate details on the car are agitated with soft brushes to ensure no dirt is missed during the wash stage.
• Wheels washed front and back using a PH Neutral wheel cleaner and soft brushes, safe for any finish.
• Wheel arches washed & decontaminated.
• Vehicle washed using a microfibre wash mitt and 2 buckets (One for rinse, one for wash to avoid putting dirt back on the car that could inflict swirls).
• Bonded iron contaminants removed from paint using De-ionizer.
• Bonded tar contaminants removed using tar remover.
• Clay bar is then used as a final decontamination step.
• Paint cleansed and wiped down in preparation for protection, allowing total bonding with the paintwork.
• Paintwork and wheels dab-dried with plush microfibre drying towels.
• Paint glazed if necessary to add shine and fill in any light swirls.
• Carnauba hard wax applied to paint, offering up to and beyond 6 months of protection.
• Wheel sealant applied to wheels, giving added protection against brake dust and other contaminants.
• Glass sealant applied to protect glass.
• Plastics and rubber sealed to avoid fading.
• Tyre dressing applied giving a natural, satin or gloss finish depending on your preference.
• Final wipe down using a gloss-enhancing detailing spray.